#Indian Ocean | Development

#University of Western Australia | Deep ocean research | Discovering new species | Assessing marine biodiversity | Mapping the ocean floor | Charting deep-sea habitats | Specialising in abyssal (3,000-6,000 m) and hadal (6,000-11,000 m) depths

#Minderoo Foundation | Research centre to increase understanding about the deepest parts of the ocean | Expeditions to explore the hadal zones (6000m+) of the Indian Ocean | Assessing biodiversity, habitats, genetic connectivity, evolutionary adaptation and anthropogenic impacts | Increasing the seafloor mapping of the Western Australian Exclusive Economic Zone and the wider east Indian Ocean

#Indian Ocean Research Group Inc. (IORG) | Research relevant to the Indian Ocean

#RIO Research Centre Indian Ocean | Serving as a hub for scientific work within the region of the Indian Ocean

#ZSL & Bertarelli Foundation | Researching Indian Ocean

#Indian Ocean World Centre | McGill University research about Indian Ocean

#Columbia Climate School | Indian Ocean Projects

#Stanford University | Indian Ocean Research

#High seas treaty | International Union for Conservation of Nature | Biodiversity protection | International Seabed Authority | Marine environment threats pollution from coastal infrastructure and dumping | Marine protected areas

#Energy security | Indo Pacific energy forum | U.S. | Japan | India | Australia | International Energy Agency

#Rosetti Superyachts | Emocean | Fully custom superyacht | Custom designed wine cellar | Italian shipyard | Speaking with subcontractors | Rosetti Marino Group | Hydro Tec | Priorities included spending long periods on board regardless of sea conditions | Pushing the use of space to the limit | 793 gallons of refrigerator and freezer space for long term provisions | Virtuous circle where all parties felt free to throw on the table new ideas and concepts to incorporate in the design | Selecting the best contractor for each element | Exploration oriented projects

#Monte Fino E Class Explorer | Global demand for expedition style cruising in an eco-friendly way | Kha Shing | Taiwan | Developed using fluid dynamics | Eco efficient cruising across long distances | Octoplex tablet for monitoring and operating systems

#Sea Machines | Navigation and collision avoidance system | Electronic charts | Controlling steering and propulsion | Collision avoidance | Networked cameras to detect, track, geolocate, and classify objects | Human on the loop scheme

#Sunway University | Studying the shared culture of countries surrounding the Indian Ocean

#Australian Institute of Marine Science | Indian Ocean marine science

#Indian Ocean Rim Association | Regional forum

#Western Australian Department of Fisheries | Fisheries research

#Mercom India | Hydrogen Harnessed from Ocean Water research

#Maritime India | Hydrogen derived from Ocean Renewable Energy Resources

#Ministry of Power, Government of India | Hydrogen produced by way of electrolysis of water using Renewable Energy

#European Geosciences Union | Plastics in the Indian Ocean

#Frontiers | Potential Plastic Accumulation Zones in the Indian Coastal Seas

#CeScube | Chemical Pollution in Indian Ocean

#World Bank | A healthy Indian Ocean feeds, protects, and connects all South Asians

#University of Oxford | High resolution model to quantify the sources of plastic debris accumulating on beaches across the Seychelles and other island states in the western Indian Ocean

#UNESCO | Plastic debris on Aldabra Atoll

#Sky News | Aldabra atoll plasric carbage in the Indian Ocean

#IUCN | Western Indian Ocean plastic tap

#Science Daily | Microplastics in the Indian Ocean

#Conservation | Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic

#International Whaling Commission | Treaty to tackle plastic pollution

#United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) | Marine Plastic Pollution

#India Ministry of Environment | Indian Ocean projects

#Wildlife Institute of India | Marine plastic pollution migitation

#Data Cosmos | MultiSatellite Data Platform | Open Cosmos

#Azure Funding | Boat Loans

#AST Space Mobile | AST n Science | Building space based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones | 4G/5G connectivity everywhere on the planet | Automatic roaming from land networks to a space network | Connectivity anywhere without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware

#Commonwealth | Asia | Brunei | India | Malaysia | Maldives | Pakistan | Singapore | Sri Lanka

#Heesen | Acquire yachts that are already under construction | Platform concept | Proven engineering platform | Tested hulls | Semi custom series | Unique exterior design | Ability to personalise the yacht | Reducing both delivery time and costs | Producing in lines | Exclusivity is guaranteed | Production numbers of each platform are limited | Ability to build completely different yachts using an identical platform

#Doyle Sails | Sail solutions | Cruising | Main sales | Head sales | Code sales | Downwind sales

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) | Maritime monitoring

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#Wartsila | Ship command systems | Autonomous Short Sea Shipping | Navigation and DP solutions

#Aqualink | Ocean conservation technology | Autonomous Surface Vehicle(ASV) kit | ROS | Pixhawk | NVIDA Jetson GPU | Solar powered smart buoy

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing

#SpaceX | Satellite to cellular service

#Elroy Air | Autonomous cargo aircraft systems| Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft | Specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods | Commercial logistics | Disaster relief | Firefighting | Humanitarian operations | Replacing difficult ground transportation | Detachable pod | Dropping off cargo | Pickkung up ready to go cargo | Makint deliveries fast | Allowing ground crew to empty or load a pod at their leisure

#UPM | UPM Raflatac Ocean Action | Ocean Action label | Made from ocean bound plastic | Creating a demand for reclaiming plastic waste before it pollutes oceans | Chemically recycled plastic | Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) | Ellen MacArthur Foundation | Granta Design | Orthex | Raw material made from used fishing nets

#Stora Enso | Renewable and recyclable paperboard solutions | Wood fibers in disposable cutlery | Pulp for food packaging | Formed fiber products

#Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) | Developing characterization tools for the properties of pearls | Explore technologies to assign unique identifiers to individual pearls

#Skymet Weather | Private weather services

#Advanced Navigation | Inertial measurement unit (IMU) | Heading reference system (AHRS) | Acoustic navigation | AI-based acoustic processing techniques | Subsea transponder | Sidney, Australia